19 junio 2008

Message from the ISIS-NBP Team

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Subject: Message from the ISIS-NBP Team

Dear community,


We are very glad to hear from you and receive your early feedback about the ISIS-NBP project.


We seize this opportunity to further explain the nature of the ISIS-NBP project, and try to mend the beginnings of a misconception.


We have started to publish these series of nuggets about ISIS-NBP to give you early insight about the platform still *under development*. Our motivation is mainly transparency.


This community is surely composed by ISIS users, consultants and developers. Each type of user has a different needs and expectations, and we are well aware of that. Therefore, we must state, as clearly as possible, that: 

  1. ISIS-NBP is still in its infancy; Bireme?s prevision is to launch a beta version by the end of this year, and a full grown package the first semester of next year.
  2. For the time being, ISIS-NBP is a platform for the development of applications. Not an application in itself, the same as IsisDll, or IsisScript or wwwisis are not applications either. We are trying hard to make it an excellent platform for development, so developers adopting it will have resources available to create excellent applications;
  3. There are future plans to embed an application inside ISIS-NBP Cell, so it becomes self-sufficient for end users. But our priority is to lay down solid foundations where new applications can be built upon.

Having said that, we expect that you will think your expectations about ISIS-NBP under a new light.


If ISIS-NBP were a building, it would be only natural that people would be anxious to see an innovative architectural external design, or how it is furnished and decorated. As it is also natural when they are turned down to see blueprints, the plumbing and wiring. But these things matter. We will keep on spreading nuggets about ISIS-NBP, and we expect you will keep giving us such honest feedback.


best regards, 


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