04 junio 2008

ISIS3 - What is ABCD? - first nugget

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Subject: ISIS3 - What is ABCD? - first nugget

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Dear colleagues,

As previously anounced, here comes a first note or information nugget about ABCD = Automation of Libraries and Documentation Centers.

ABCD is a long held aspiration for the ISIS community, since the first MS-DOS version came out more than 20 years ago. Finally, this aspiration is about to come true.

We'll first present a list of its basic functionalities and attributes. In further nuggets we'll give details about each of them.

  • ABCD is an integrated library management software comprising the main basic library functions:

Definition of any number of new databases (similar to Winisis), which includes: FDT, PFT, FST, and worksheets directly on the Web, or copying from existing ones either from the Web or from Winisis on a local hard disk,

cataloguing of books and serials, independently of the format: MARC, LILACS, AGRIS, etc.

end-user searching (OPAC),

loans circulation,



library services like SDI, barcode printing, quality control, etc.

  • The software will be compatible with CDS/ISIS database technology for the bibliographic databases, i.e. reading ISIS-databases and making use of ISIS Formatting Language (or something functionally similar) for producing output (PFT) and indexing (FST) of records;
  • The software will run on both Windows and Linux platforms;
  • The software will allow the use of MARC-21 cataloging formats and other current standards or protocols (Dublin Core, METS, Z39.50...);
  • The software will be published as Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) with the accompanying tools for the developer community;
  • The software will be intrinsically multi-lingual, with English, Spanish, Portuguese and French interfaces being available by the end of 2008;
  • The software will be fully documented for system-managers in at least one language, preferably English, by the end of 2008;
  • UNICODE-compatibility will at least be envisaged and prepared, if not in the actual version then for an upcoming future version, which is part of the ISIS-NBP paralell project;
  • A testing version will be ready by September 2008 to be presented in the 3rd World Isis Meeting;
  • This version and manuals will be used as training materials for an international Training Workshop on the software in March 2009.

More information about the ISIS3 Congress can be found  at the official congress website:

Spanish         http://www.eventos.bvsalud.org/agendas/isis3/?lang=es
English          http://www.eventos.bvsalud.org/agendas/isis3/?lang=en
Portuguese    http://www.eventos.bvsalud.org/agendas/isis3/?lang=pt


Ernesto Spinak
thanks to Wenke Adams for the translation
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