12 junio 2008

ISIS-NBP - Answer to Jorge Castorina

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Subject: ISIS-NBP - Answer to Jorge Castorina

Dear Colleagues,

The following message is in reply to Jorge Castorina's enquiries about ISIS-NBP and other applications.
The text was prepared by instruction from Abel Packer, the Director of BIREME, and can therefore be considered the official position on this matter.

Dear Jorge Castorina:

Thanks for your message with comments and thoughts about ISIS NBP, which I take the opportunity to clarify below:

1. ISIS NBP represents a revolutionary advancement for the ISIS software family as it will place our community of users and developers at the level of international state-of-the-art.

The development of ISIS NBP is based on a proposal presented by the Director of Bireme to UNESCO in a meeting that took place in May 2006. BIREME is coordinating the development of ISIS NBP, under the leadership of Rodrigo Senra in the technical implantation project, with the support of a BIREME development team including the participation of Adalberto Tardelli, Heitor Barbieri, Vinicius Andrade, Ernesto Spinak, Emiliano Marmonti and Renato Murasaki, the team coordinator.
The general coordination is by Abel L. Packer.

BIREME is financing the development of ISIS NBP and is making efforts to get additional funds to assure the successful completion of a first version by the end of 2008. BIREME received a small but important contribution from the Regional Office of UNESCO in Montevideo for the system specifications and initial programming.

2. ISIS NBP will have a configurable master file structure in order to mantain 100% compatibility with the different currently existing master file versions and also with future versions. This means that ISIS databases will not need any modification before migrating to the ISIS NBP platform. Besides, ISIS NBP will allow the processing of data and text in XML format.
3. BIREME will shortly implement a wxis version to work with ISIS NBP, so that all applications developed under wxis can be migrated to the new platform without problems.
4. Regarding ISISDLL, one solution could be that the developer community integrates the library in the new platform, which would no doubt be the best solution for the maintenance of the applications. In any case, ISIS NBP will offer more features/facilities than ISISDLL for new developments.
5. Regarding the CISIS utilities, these will coexist with databases under the ISIS NBP platform. In any case, BIREME has plans to convert all the utilities to ISIS NBP before the end of 2009, which is the target date for a full change of platform for all BIREME applications: BVS, SciELO, etc.
6. The presentation of ISIS NBP in the meeting of developers of the BVS and associated networks and at the ISIS3 congress should be through applications that exemplify much of the above affirmations.
I hope this responds to your worries, and we are at your and everybody else's disposition for further information.
With best regards

Ernesto Spinak

(thanks to Wenke Adam for the translation)

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