20 junio 2008

ISIS3 - feedback wanted!

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Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2008 10:35 PM
Subject: ISIS3 - feedback wanted!

Dear Colleagues:

Every week during the last two months we have sent several messages sharing with you the novelties about the ongoing development of applications and platforms in the ISIS family.

These new developments are the main motive for the Bireme sponsored ISIS3 World Congress taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil 14-16 september.   http://www.eventos.bvsalud.org/agendas/isis3/?lang=en 

We plan to publish many other news about the aformentioned applications, mainly ABCD, and also about the congress and the presentations.

But right now it's YOUR turn!

We would like to know YOUR opinions before taking the next step.

Specifically, we want you to write to the ISIS discussion list and tell us:

  • Which features you need, think or wish that the integrated ABCD system or any of the other systems should have.
  • What you would like to see improved about the ISIS platforms (current or future ones): Documentation, training, platforms, operating systems, languages, etc.
  • Any other idea you feel would be interesting to share.

We would like to stress that we are absolutely democratic and open to different opinions. We are not annoyed by criticism. We have worked with all flavours of the ISIS family during the past 20 years,and still we go on.

If you have positive contributions to make, they are welcome. And if you have criticism to make, we only ask you to respect the following three basic rules of etiquette:

  • Be honest
  • Present it politely
  • Make it constructive.

Time runs fast, so we?ll give you a week, until june 26th, to share your ideas with us. Don't be shy - let your voice be heard!


Ernesto Spinak
Visit the Site of the ISIS3 World Meeting

Español:  http://www.eventos.bvsalud.org/agendas/isis3/?lang=es 
English:   http://www.eventos.bvsalud.org/agendas/isis3/?lang=en 
Portugués: http://www.eventos.bvsalud.org/agendas/isis3/?lang=pt 

thanks to Wenke Adams for the translation

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