01 julio 2008

Fw: Message from Abel Packer

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From: Wenke Adam
Sent: Sunday, June 29, 2008 11:35 PM
Subject: Message from Abel Packer

Dear ISIS friends:

I am forwarding this message on behalf of Mr. Abel Packer, the Director of Bireme, who asked me to translate it to English.

To everyone

The progress on new developments in the ISIS family Ernesto Spinak is sharing with us, has triggered manifestations in different dimensions and directions. Particularly noteworthy is the effort to translate messages in up to 3 languages in some cases.

Clearly, from the messages I have read, the ongoing development has contributed to the emergence of new interests and perspectives as well as to revive worries and frustrations. Since this is a general discussion list and not a list with particular purposes —such as a developer's group for example— it offers each of us the opportunity to participate with our own personal and professional agendas.

For sure, BIREME, as an institution, as well as UNESCO, does not participate in the list. Nevertheless, I would like to reaffirm our position in favor of open access to scientific information as well as of free software and open source software, under different licenses to be adopted. In this sense, we are progressing not without difficulties. For example, we are still working on the cleaning of CISIS code, a platform fully developed and maintained by BIREME for specific needs of dozens of our own applications, and shared with UNESCO for the Winisis application. We are also developing capacity to reach basic conditions to carry out the management of open source systems, including ABCD and ISIS-NBP. And surely, we are trying to find the best licensing for our condition.

It is our firm intention to come to the ISISI3 congress with the open source software licenses already defined and with the basic conditions established for the management of the ABCD and ISIS-NBP codes under open source.

I would like to stress again the importance of the initiative Ernesto is promoting to spread information about the ongoing developments as well as to mobilize the ISIS list for the expression of ideas, recommendations, criticism, experiences and expectations.

We also take this opportunity to renew the invitation to all of you to participate actively in the upcoming ISIS3 congress.

With best regards, Abel Packer

Wenke Adam
Asesora Sistemas de Doc & Inf
Av.Matta 710, Cerro Los Placeres

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