01 julio 2008

Fw: ISIS3- message from Russia - part I

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Subject: ISIS3- message from Russia - part I

Dear colleagues

We received a very interesting message from the: Joint Institute for High Temperatures of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia, with the request to publish in the list.
This is a long message, therefore I will send in two parts

Thanks to Dr. Vladimir Yu.Zitserman, PhD, and Dr. Michael S.Trachtengerts, PhD

Ernesto Spinak

Dear colleagues,

We, who work in the Thermophysical Properties Center, Joint Institute for High Temperatures of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia, for decades use CDS/ISIS software as a main tool to support our information collections on properties of substances. Our main service is to provide researchers with
relevant and updated information. We started from the version for IBM mainframes and through DOS version for PC we came now to CDS/ISIS for Windows.

We preferred CDS/ISIS to many other information systems for some reasons, mainly:
- it is much more easy to comprehend and manage, still it is mighty enough to meet our needs;
- it is compact and convenient for installation and administration;
- it may be effectively applied in different activities: large, middle and even personal;
- and it is free of charge.

Our experience helped us to fulfill localization of the last version to Russian because we found the available Russian localization insufficient. As devotee of ISIS we published some articles in Russian press and in WEB about the system.
A more detailed description of CDS/ISIS for Windows to help new possible users to start with it is developing now in our Center (in Russian).

It was good news for us to know that development of new products of ISIS family was started. We are ready to take part in projects or working groups according to our experience. Some ideas for desirable features and implementations in new systems proposed for discussion are in the attachment. 

With the best regards
Dr. Vladimir Yu.Zitserman, PhD, Head of data bank laboratory Dr. Michael S.Trachtengerts, PhD, Senior researcher
 Ernesto Spinak                  spinaker@adinet.com.uy          Montevideo, Uruguay            tel/fax  (5982) 622-3352        celular  (598)  99612238      

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