26 mayo 2008

ISIS3 - Meeting - NEWS

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Dear colleagues

As from this week until the ISIS3 Congress, we will publish a series of information notes and nuggets about advances in ISIS projects and what will be distributed to participants.

In particular, the notes will explain what the ABCD and ISIS-NBP projects are all about - internal details, philosophy, architecture, etc. The authors of the notes will be people who are working on these projects, and your questions will be answered by them too.

  • ABCD - Automation of Libraries and Documentation Centers (from its Spanish name Automatización de Bibliotecas y Centros de Documentación) is a complete, Web-based library management system built on Bireme's Cisis.
  • ISIS-NBP (ISIS New Based Platform) is the new object based ISIS architecture, compatible with "old" ISIS but with a qualitative leap assuring ISIS another 20 years of life expectancy.
Stay alert for further notes.

Ernesto Spinak
(Wenke Adams is cooperating with translations, Thanks Wenke)

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