28 mayo 2008

Fw: ISIS3 - nugget 1 - advances of the meeting

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Subject: ISIS3 - nugget 1 - advances of the meeting

Dear colleagues
As we told last week, we are beginning today with a series of information nuggets about the presentations of Bireme in the ISIS3 meeting to be held 14-16 Septembre 2008, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ernesto Spinak

Introducing ISIS-Network Based Platform (NBP)
Conceived in 2007 and currently under development, ISIS-NBP is a bold step towards invigorating ISIS software foundations.

With the proximity of the 3rd World Congress on ISIS (ISIS3), it is our intention to give you insight about the platform, as well as receive an early feedback from the ISIS Community.

One of the challenges of ISIS-NBP is to conciliate technology modernization with backward compatibility. Therefore, from the early designs of ISIS-NBP we have considered that to be successful this project must be a platform evolution, grounded in a smooth migration path.
Our goals:
o        overcome ISIS limitations in storage capacity and expressiveness
o        add missing functionality (i.e. Unicode, interactive console, etc)
o        easier software maintenance by keeping a shared code base
o        design a scalable digital library architecture, meeting needs from small users to large data providers.
o        ease the coupling between digital libraries and external software systems
o        create a cross-platform set of tools to ease the creation of end-user applications
o        provide a incremental and evolutionary migration path from traditional ISIS databases and applications
In order to achieve that, we have devised the ISIS-NBP Cell.

    |          Databases          |

    |              |              |

    | Console---Engine---Gateway  |


              ISIS-NBP Cell Architecture

This e-mail is a teaser, the first of a series that will give further details about the ISIS-NBP Cell, the project goals and development status quo.
See Congress Site in: http://www.eventos.bvsalud.org/agendas/isis3/?lang=en
Contributed by Rodrigo Senra

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