23 mayo 2008

Fw: ISIS3 World Meeting - useful information

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Subject: ISIS3 World Meeting - useful information

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Dear colleagues

Some tips for the meeting

- Preliminary registration
Bireme has hired a service firm to deal with registration, accommodation and part of the congress' logistics. Users have told us that the registration page is not always working in all official languages. We have checked and found that there is indeed some instability which we have informed the service firm about. Please let us know if there are further problems with the registration platform.
- Official invitation letters
Bireme can send an official invitation letter in any of the three official languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese. If you should need this, please provide us with the following information:
  • Name of the person to be invited, workplace and position.
  • Language of the letter.
  • If the letter is to be sent as a pdf file through e-mail, please  provide e-mail addresses of the invitee and other persons who should receive it.
  • If the letter is to be sent by fax, please provide fax number with country and area codes.
  • to request official invitations you can use either the "Contact" option in the Site of Isis meeting, or send it to spinaker@adinet.com.uy
- Visas, ticket reservations, etc.
  • Bireme can not provide any assistance for visas or travel booking.
  • Bookings of accommodation, transfers, etc. is taken care of by the hired service firm. Please see the main CRIC8 webpage at  http://www.crics8.org/php/index.php?lang=es
  • Participants may do their own arrangements for accommodation, travel agencies, etc.
- Costs
The registration fee is R$ 200 (two hundred Brazilian reais) or about USD 125 (hundred and twenty five US dollars). Registration allows participation in all Isis congress sessions, in any of the parallell sessions on related subjects and also in the main CRIC8 meetings taking place tuesday through friday, including some of the planned social events.
- Bursaries, discounts, etc.
Bireme does not have resources to cover any of the participants' expenses, not even partially, for travel, daily allowances, registration or other costs.
Ernesto Spinak
(Wenke Adams is cooperating with translations, Thanks Wenke)
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