30 mayo 2008

Help us spread the word about the ISIS3 Congress

Sent: Friday, May 30, 2008 8:22 AM
Subject: Help us spread the word about the ISIS3 Congress
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Dear colleagues:

We know that many of you have local ISIS discussion lists/groups or participate in local, general library interest groups. We are aware of Isis lists in France, Italy, Spain, Brazil, and there surely are others in Asian and African countries too.

Therefore we would appreciate if you could forward our messages about the ISIS3 Congress to your local distribution/discussion lists.

Please note that you are welcome to collaborate with the ISIS3 Congress placing a link and a icon to the event in your pages.

Please do not forget to include the URLs of the official ISIS3 Web pages in the respective languages:

Spanish:     http://www.eventos.bvsalud.org/agendas/isis3/?lang=es
English:      http://www.eventos.bvsalud.org/agendas/isis3/?lang=en
Portuguese: http://www.eventos.bvsalud.org/agendas/isis3/?lang=pt

Ernesto Spinak
Thanks to Wenke Adams for the translation

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