05 septiembre 2008

ISIS3 - Very important information

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Subject: ISIS3 - Very important information

Dear colleagues:

There are less than 10 days left before the launching of the 3rd world meeting of ISIS users!

The official program is ready, (including a lot of presentation abstracts). You can see it at: http://www.eventos.bvsalud.org/agendas/isis3/program.php?lang=en

Please take note of the following important things many people have asked us about during the last weeks:

  • Information about hotels, the location of the conventions center, transportation, etc.
    All this can be found on the official CRICS congress website, of which ISIS3 is one of the parallell events.
    Go to: http://www.crics8.org/php/index.php?lang=en


  • Hotel bookings, communications, etc.
    BIREME has hired the company Acquaviva to take care of logistics, bookings, payments and so on. You must understand that the congress takes place in Rio de Janeiro, while Bireme is in Sao Paulo, 500 km. away. We, at Bireme, have no capacity to solve your individual problems from Sao Paulo. Besides, the CRICS is convening 10 simultaneous meetings with more than 1.200 participants in total. As we have told you before, ISIS3 is just one of the 10 events going on there. There will certainly be hundreds of people with similar problems and different solutions as yours.
    Because of this, if you need to get in touch with Acquaviva for any reason, please state clearly that you belong to the ISIS group.
  • It is mandatory that you register at the congress website before the congress starts!
    If you haven't done it yet, you must register there and make sure that you also check the W3ISIS checkbox at the bottomhttp://www.acquaviva.com.br/crics8/?lingua=eng

     There are several reasons why you have to get through this online registration procedure:

    • Only the registered participants of the ISIS group (from abroad) will be allowed to pay the reduced fee on the first day of the congress (200 reais, around USD 122). If you are not pre-registered, you will have to pay the double.
    • Only previously registered participants will receive the materials distributed at the congress.
    • Only previously registered participants will receive the official participation certificate. This will be available for downloading from the congress website, using the same username and password you used to register. The certificate is digital, in PDF format, there will not be any hardcopy certificates.
    • It is very important to know beforehand how many participants have registered for each of the 10 parallell events, in order to arrange adequate meeting rooms and interpreters for each.


  • ABCD
    At the congress you will get a Windows-based beta version of the ABCD system, and if you bring your notebook along, you will be able to install it and start playing around with it right away. Some days after the congress we will upload the Windows and Linux versions of the same build on the Bireme website, for all members of this ISIS discussion list.

Best regards,
Ernesto Spinak

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