28 septiembre 2008

ABCD - important news

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Subject: ABCD - important news

Dear colleagues

Two important news

1. The ABCD demo is available in the official page of BIREME for the ISIS Family.


This is the demo distributed during the recent meeting, but with some minor problems fixed to run Apache 2 in Windows.
Please, read carefully the instructions, and remember this demo is only a part of ABCD.
We hope to update this demo in a few days.

If you want to see the whole available family of products, manuals, etc, go to

2. Source code of ISIS
  BIREME set up a special Site oriented mainly for software developers


 there you can get the source code of many applications, including CISIS, ISIS-NBP, etc.
 If you want to cooperate in programming you are very welcome
 In the next future we are going to include ABCD to this Site.


Ernesto Spinak

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