01 febrero 2007

GOOD NEWS for Isis users

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Subject: GOOD NEWS for Isis users

Dear everybody

Today is February 1st, therefore we are in the verge of launching a lot of free resources in Isis, as we promised a few months ago.

The bad news is that we are a little delayed, but the good news is that we accomplished most of our targets, then we hope that next Monday
will set up a download page in Bireme with what we have right now, and we?ll continue loading products in the following weeks.

The delay is because from December 15 most of our colleagues were in annual leave, and began returning by mid January. Anyway, we have many, many things to announce.

This has been a huge task, with more than 12 persons  involved. Here in Bireme we had the collaboration of Adalberto Tardell (cisis guru), Heitor Barbieri (Isisdll and wxis, responsible), Vinicius Andrade (iAH programmer), Asael da Silva (editor of manuals), Marcos Mori (users support), Francisco Santos (Isis expert, he prepared more than 50 gizmo tables for us).
We have also the cooperation of the translators, Francesco Dell'Orso (Italian), Edwin Hubner (Portuguese), Marie-Christine de Bouët du Portal, Davide Storti (French, and I know there are more people with her), Andrew Buxton (English), Sherif Fouad (Arab).

We received some valuable feedback from Alberto Rosenberg and Eduardo Giordanino from Argentina,and last but not least, the cooperation from Adolfo Hernandez from Spain that created at his own expenses the Osiris Site to mirror all Bireme's products of Isis Family and keep track of FDL and GNU licenses

Thanks to all of them
stay connected,  there is a lot of information coming
Ernesto Spinak

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