03 diciembre 2007

ISIS in Danger? it is nonsense!!!!

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Subject: ISIS in Danger? it is nonsense!!!!

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Dear members

In the last few days there were some apocalyptic messages about Unesco, Isis, et al
I don't know how these things happens, but it happens, it is nonsene!!!!
Let me tell you what I do know because I am personally involved in Bireme with Isis.
I tell you only the facts,

The agreement mentioned between MS and Unesco was signed about 3 years ago, it is not a recent new, but it had no consequence at all about Unesco commitment on open software and the like, and had no consequence either on our projects on Isis. Don't panic, nothing happened.

As most of you should know, Bireme has been working since the last meeting in Bahia in 2005, on two lines of development.

a) an integrated package for libraries, for internet, using CISIS/wxis and PHP, name ABCD.
   this package will be released around mid 2008, we have been working most of the year in the project, and it is very well advanced and we have the money for it.

b) a new platform for Isis, called ISIS-NBP, we sent the document to the list.
This new Isis was the result of an international meeting of experts, held in Paris, in May 2006-
We are working in ISIS-NBP, and we hope to release the first integrated beta version by the end of next year. The project is partially funded, we are looking for partners, we have a few, we need more.

This are the facts

Let me tell you now, some domestic news
  • In October 31, we had a meeting with Egbert de Smet here in Bireme, a technical meeting with the participation of about 15 IT persons. In this meeting we took some strategic decision aligned with Egbert requests for ABCD.
  • One week after, November 7th, we had a meeting in Unesco/Paris, with Egbert and Jean Claude Dauphine, and there we decided the strategy of partnership for the next two year of collaboration between Bireme and Unesco, for the development of these two projects. This means that Unesco is not out of the game. Not at all. Maybe they have less money than we wanted, but they will pay part of the bill.
  • Last week, November 26th, we had a meeting in the League of Arab States, El Cairo/Egypt, with our friend Sherif Fouad and his Director, and then again, we received their word they will continue collaborating with the project, as they did this year with some money.

These actions, should show to the list, that there are many persons working behind the scenes.
Nobody is looking for press releases, to get photos, to be famous, many people are collaborating as has been the tradition of Isis users. But there is a lot of activity going on.

Please, don't panic, there are a lot of persons working

Ernesto Spinak

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