12 octubre 2012

Fw: [Isis-users] ABCD - new release - help for translations

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Subject: [Isis-users] ABCD - new release - help for translations

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Dear colleagues

As announced a few days ago, we are starting to pack the next distribution of ABCD.

At this time we ask for help to complete the translation of system messages files.
For each language we have a package of files in excel, each file in two columns, where the left column is the original message in English, and the right column to be provided the translated text

These files are morstly translated, but there are many new messages and is necessary to review the translations of the 1st version.

It is necessary to review and translate into Spanish, Portuguese, and French.
For each language we would need at least two volunteers.
The volunteers must have ABCD installed in order check their work.

In the next weeks we will select partners for beta-testing, conversion to Linux, review the instructions for installation anew or updating existing installations, and finally translate these documents.

Our goal is to deliver the version sometime in November
We appreciate the cooperation of all who have been helping.

Ernesto Spinak

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