10 abril 2008

ISIS - good news - new version - new meeting

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ISIS3 – 3rd World Congress on ISIS
Rio de Janeiro, 14-16 September 2008

The 3rd World Congress on ISIS (ISIS3) will take place in the city of  Río de Janeiro,  14- 16 September 2008, as one of the activities of the  8th Regional Congress on Information for Health Sciences (CRICS8), sponsored by FIOCRUZ and BIREME/OPS/OMS, and in parallel with a series of meetings of regional and global information and knowledge management networks. As such it will be a suitable environment to facilitate and enrich the realization of the ISIS Congress, as was the case with the 2nd World Congress on ISIS in 2005.

ISIS3 will exist of a public forum for the active participation of the various leaders and actors in the actual and future development  and for the alignment with the state of the art in managing and working with web-based information provision and retrieval, along with the re-confirmation of the specific mandate of ISIS to cover the needs and conditions of developing countries all over the World..
By having the congress ISIS3 at the occasion of  CRICS8, again we will bring into the picture the opportunity of putting together the international ISIS-community with the information and computer professionals, national and regional distributors, end-users, financing organizations and all persons interested in the promotion and strengthening of democratic and equal access to sources of information produced or gathered by thousands of institutes all over the world.

General Objective
o        to promote the exchange of  ideas, experiences, solutions,  new developments, challenges, progress and perspectives on the development and strengthening of the ISIS platform and its user- and developers communities, more specifically with focus on library and documentation centre services. 
Thematic axes

ISIS3 will have sessions based on 3 main axes :
o        the new ISIS systems and platforms : its conformity with modern state of the art possibilities, the updating and replacement of existing                 platforms;
o        management of  the ISIS NBP (Network Based Platform) and other open source platforms;
o        strengthening the community and work of developers, users and managers of  ISIS.

Specific objetives
-         to analyze and exchange ideas and proposals about the actual and future status of ISIS
-         to present the state of the art on the development of ISIS, including:

ABCD – integrated online automated management system for libraries and documentation centers;

ISIS NBP – the new ISIS network-based platform

JISIS - a Winisis replacement software based on BerkeleyDB  products, services, methodologies and technologies developed with ISIS
The 3rd World Congress on ISIS will mark the renewal and updating efforts of ISIS in line with the state of the art in information storage and retrieval systems..
Ernesto Spinak

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