05 octubre 2008

IFLA Manifesto is very useful for Isis community

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Subject: IFLA Manifesto is very useful for Isis community

Dear colleagues

I'd recommed to read the following document, because it opens an extraodinary window of opportunity to request from UNESCO a strong support for ISIS ongoing project.

Below I copied a few selections from the  document, and we'd appreciate you send to the list your reflections about this issue.

In the following weeks we are going to post in this list some strategic ideas to carry on the negotation process (lobby) that could assure the suport and needed monies.

Ernesto Spinak

The Multicultural Library – a gateway to a cultural diverse society in dialogue


 Core actions

The multicultural library should:

develop culturally diverse and multilingual collections and services, including digital and multimedia resources;

allocate resources for the preservation of cultural expression and heritage, paying particular attention to oral, indigenous and intangible cultural heritage;

 include programmes supporting user education, information literacy skills, newcomer resources, cultural heritage and cross-cultural dialogue as integral parts of the services;

provide access to library resources in appropriate languages through information organization and access systems;

develop marketing and outreach materials in appropriate media and languages to attract different groups to the library.


 Implementing the Manifesto

The international community should recognize and support libraries and information services in their role of promoting and preserving cultural and linguistic diversity.

Decision makers at all levels and the library community around the world are hereby requested to disseminate this Manifesto and to carry out the principles and actions expressed herein.

This Manifesto complements the IFLA/UNESCO Public Library Manifesto, the IFLA/UNESCO School Library Manifesto and the IFLA Internet Manifesto.

This Manifesto was approved by the Governing Board of IFLA in August 2006 and endorsed in April 2008 by the Intergovernmental Council for UNESCO's Information for All Programme with the recommendation that it be submitted to the 35th session of the General Conference of UNESCO for consideration.

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