24 abril 2007

Survey of Isis systems online

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Dear everybody
(versión en español se envia separadamente)
Bireme is working hard in order to liberate Isis and to prepare the new online version of isis.According to what was agreed in the meeting last year in Paris, Bireme is finishing the proposal of the new Isis architectrue.This proposal will be sent to Unesco by mid of May, and after the approval we'll begin the development.
In order to keep compatibility with the past, we are doing a survey of Isis systems online, in any of its differents versions.We set up a survey form (English, Spanish, Portuguese) so you can report the profiles of the existent systems on the web.
The survey will be available until the end of May.
We'd appreciate you spread the word to other users about this survey, the more users answer the better we can be aware of the different existents systems, then the New Isis will keep better compatibility.
Survey forms are:

Ernesto Spinak

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